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All Response Media and The Europas

All Response Media and Startups

The Europas and PathFounders
All Response Media are proud sponsors of The Europas Conference and Awards, and this year we will be presenting the award for Best Gaming Startup. We’re always excited to be a part of such a great event where we can meet with the hottest startups in Europe and share our knowledge and experience in the startup space that has resulted in ARM success stories such as Babbel, Hello Fresh, Graze and For the first time, All Response will also be attending the PathFounders event where founders and investors can meet and chat in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Startups Experience
Our core foundation lies with our industry leading proprietary campaign measurement and reporting suite, ARMalytics, which allows for the micro management, analysis and optimisation of media campaigns, housed within a secure extranet-based dashboard. The high level of measurement and optimisation that this system provides ensures the absolute maximum is extracted from ad spend, with our integrated media teams actioning this insight to create efficient campaigns designed to acquire high quality customers at the lowest price.

With our TV experience and unique technology, we know what works and we know the power of TV to build both businesses and brands. This approach is particularly pertinent to fast-growing startup businesses and we are trusted by numerous VC firms to advise their invested businesses. Most importantly, what we do really works; as well as our work with unicorns such as Hello Fresh, our approach has led to many substantial business exits where our clients have sold or IPO’d their businesses – with a collective valuation of close to £1 billion!

TV Star Competition
Further cementing our commitment to investing in and supporting Europe’s fast growing businesses, every year we hold the TV Star competition for startups, with the winner collecting the prize of a fully funded TV ad campaign. The inaugural TV Star competition resulted in three startup TV success stories as, Best of the Best and all joined All Response Media to take the road to rapid growth via the game changing medium. We’ve just wrapped up the second year, with the competition becoming bigger and bolder than the last, as the search for the UK’s next big startup story resulted in minicabit taking the big prize and looking to launch in summer this year. Often, where the likes of Dragons’ Den fails, All Response Media succeeds in supporting the long-term growth of the continent’s hottest prospects. The next TV Star competition will kick off later this year, watch this space for more details closer to the time.

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