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Technical Operations Specialist – London

Jenny Pusey

The purpose of this role is own the overall digital planning and execution of the account. You will be more involved with client communication as your role will be central to the execution of road maps and devising of BAU media plans.

You will be required to have a high a high level of flexibility, can do attitude and attention to detail. While the specific content of your role is clearly defined, this may evolve over time and needs a proactive, hands-on approach to duties.

You will be expected to play a visual role with clients at this level being their first point of contact, ensuring your knowledge of long term media cycles and the strategy behind particular business is growing.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Time Management – Responsible for managing your time effectively to meet internal and client deadlines.
  • Communication (written & verbal) – Adjust language according to audience; Ability to own relationships internally and externally
  • People Management – Training execs and identifying when time management is a problem. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of junior team members
  • Attention to detail – ensure accuracy of written work and with numbers, working to zero errors.
  • Delegation – delegate in a fair and efficient manner. Be mindful of workloads and work with line managers to assess any issues.
  • Accountability – responsibility for tasks, quality of work and deadlines
  • Presenting – Confidently present over your area of expertise
  • Document Writing – Putting a document together that communicates ideas effectively using visual and written skills
  • Relationships – Being personable with clients and media owners
  • Adaptability, Flexibility and Mobility – Responsive and adaptable to changes in the organisation.
  • Systems – Competency and speed on core systems relevant to work; plus Microsoft packages.
  • Work ethic, punctuality & positive attitude – must be at work and meetings on time, with the correct mind-set to maximise quality output
  • Innovation & Ideas – Think innovatively around planning and media solutions.

What you’re day to day looks like:

  • Liaise with Tech Ops counterpart on execution


  • Understand client objectives
  • Know clients’ terms of business

Tech Partners

  • Develop relationships
  • Manage troubleshooting with partners
  • Understand unique selling point of each tech partner
  • Understand terms and conditions associate with each tech partner
  • Negotiate pricing for relevant tech partners
  • Understand technical set up
  • Understand technical integrations with media channels
  • Understand costs associated with tech partners

Project Planning

  • Support AM on delivering project plan

Platforms & Technology

  • Understand workings on social, DoubleClick, AdWords and programmatic
  • Understand complex firing rules within Google Tag Manager
  • Have a proficient knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Be Google Analytics qualified and have knowledge of integration with other channels
  • Scope opportunities within a Google Analytics audit
  • Fully qualified and proficient and dashboard builds in Datorama
  • Check and sign off tagging matrix and deliver to client
  • SQL queries and Microsoft SQL understanding and deployment
  • Have a proficient understanding of the working of call tracking
  • Build complex attribution models on request
  • Generate DMP audiences


  • Manage delivery and accuracy of reports
  • Supermetrics – usage and training

Personal & Agency Development

  • Read and understand ARM Weekly and Industry News
  • Have all Google, DoubleClick, Bing, Datorama, SQL, JavaScipt, Google Analytics and Facebook exams passed
  • Identify weaknesses and request training from line manager
  • Digital champions

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please send your CV and a cover note to Jenny.Pusey@allresponsemedia.com quoting the job title in the subject line.

Contact us today! 020 3330 7000 info@allresponsemedia.com