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Amazon launches Dash in the UK

Amazon Dash has launched in the UK, making some purchases instant with just one tap of a physical touch button: the modern world.

The buttons are small Wi-Fi enabled gadgets that can be placed around the house. These have been available in the US since last year when the timing of the initial announcement on April Fool’s Day lead to confusion about whether they were actually real. Amazon Dash is priced at £4.99 but they come with £4.99 credit so are effectively free of charge. Currently each button corresponds with a specific product but it is easy to see this technology expanding in the near future.

All Response Media Viewpoint

As a response driven agency, we need to be aware of shifting consumer habits and advances in technology as well as how advertising is responded to and what this could mean with regards to calls to action in the future. Over the last ten years we have successfully adapted to the rise of mobile and tablet away from direct phone calls.

Our ARMalytics and RAPSure technologies are able to track individual customers from first visit through to conversion. With the emergence of a button or interface in customers’ homes enabling customers to respond as opposed to the current web, phone or text our method of tracking response could be developed accordingly.

For all of our clients we are aware of the importance of minimising the number of click through stages online to make ordering as seamless as possible. Making this process more straight forward can improve conversion rates across all media channels. This button certainly does that.

There is a general consensus that in the coming years the internet will slot seamlessly into the fabric of daily life. Always there and always on but not something we think about – similar to electricity. Amazon Dash offering customers the ability to order without the need to visit the Amazon website is another small step in that direction. This is something to consider and monitor how we adapt in the coming years.