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ARMLife Interview with Katherine Wilcock

To start off, please tell us a bit about you, and yourself!

So, to begin with, I’m 27 and from Leeds! I studied Business Management at Newcastle University, which feels like a lifetime ago now. My first role out of university was on a graduate scheme in the midlands for a large company, but I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to move back to Leeds.

Generally speaking, I really enjoy exercising. Usually, I would go to a CrossFit gym, which has now been replaced with Zoom sessions in my living room! I also love travelling and exploring new places – 2020 was not a good year for two of my favourite things!

How long have you been at ARM, and what brought you to the agency?  

So, I started at All Response when I moved back to Leeds after my stint in Newcastle, and I’ve been at the company for 5 years this April actually. I started as an executive and I’ve just worked really hard to build my way up!

What’s a typical day like in your role?  

As we work in a very reactive industry, I always start each day with the usual checking of emails and of our clients’ top-line performances. We also check in as a team every morning with our daily status meeting which just lets us check in on each other and make sure everyone is happy with what they’ve got on each day. The rest of the day is basically spent preparing for any client meetings, by analysing performance and looking into how this can be optimised.

We have a lot of clients in a range of sectors, for example, one day I could be working on a pet-orientated brand and the next an exercise wear one, so I also spend my time researching for all our different clients and their sectors.

How have you found working from home? 

I live in a one-bedroom flat, so I do prefer going into the office. I also don’t have a long commute at all, it’s around 10 minutes, so that’s never been an issue for me. I also really enjoy the social aspect of being in an office, so I guess that’s the main reason I miss it – but I guess the same could be said for most people!

It’s nice to have the flexibility at home though like if one day I wake up and I can’t be bothered to put any makeup on, I can just keep my camera off and no one will know! I’ve definitely tried to still stick to some sort of routine, so I’ll wake up and do some exercising before I log on for the day.

This year’s been a strange one, is there anything you’ve done or learnt that you’ll carry on once we go back to ‘normal’? 

I’ve started walking a lot more and making the most of the outdoors, so that’s something I’d like to continue. Also, when you meet up with friends, usually, the go-to is to go out for drinks or food etc, but I’ve actually enjoyed just ‘seeing’ people and chatting rather than having an agenda to stick to.

I also love baking, so I took lockdown as an opportunity to start my own little side hustle on Instagram making and selling cakes, and that’s something I’ll 100% continue doing. (@kwcakes_)

And finally, what are you most looking forward to post-corona? 

I can’t wait to just properly see all my friends and family again. Also, I’m looking forward to actually being able to do my hobbies properly like going to the gym and going abroad.