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Compare The Market: Doubling down on half price movies

Each month, The Adquirer provides insight into the creative and media strategies of industry-leading advertisers in a particular sector. Estimated cost per web visit results are provided by our data scientists, utilising sources including Hitwise, Nielsen and BARB.

This month, we look at four advertisers in the congested comparison site market that have a similar target audience of 55+ year olds, living the suburban life and sitting down to Corrie and Emmerdale in the evenings. The challenge with this industry is proving who stands out with the clearest message and best rewards for using them over the others. You will also see that a lot of faith goes into brand recognition and the viewer already knowing who the advertiser is and understanding exactly what they do.

Here, we explore the similarities and differences in their media and creative strategies, and the different calls to action at play.

Compare The Market’s enduring meerkat characters, Aleksandr and Sergei, return in this ad, aiming to keep their schtick fresh and current to stave off saturation and creative fatigue for as long as possible. As pioneers in utilising the weird and wonderful to get ads noticed, Compare The Market can take a great deal of credit for the wacky character-based ads seen in this and many other industries.

The famous meerkats start off the spot in usual form, with Aleksandr seemingly phoning the great and good of Hollywood to join him for a ‘Meerkat Movie’, the offer of 2-for-1 cinema tickets which is the key benefit of being a customer. At the 26 second mark of the 30 second spot, an actual Meerkat Movies logo appears with the 2-for-1 offer shown underneath. No mention of saving money, and no mention of what can be compared on their site. It is only in the last 2 seconds that these points are quickly mentioned when their URL logo and Car, Home and Energy are displayed on the end frame.

A LOT of faith has been put into viewers remembering what it is that CTM does. After being bombarded by the meerkat movies ads – seemingly their go-to USP to separate them from their peers – the danger is that viewers begin to forget what CTM’s product offering is. The clear memory of years gone by – when everyone was spouting the ad’s quotes and their business growth was rocketing – might become smaller and smaller with every confusing ad. For now, their dominance in the market (if the below web visit figures are anything to go by) indicates that they are still riding high on their iconic characters and 2-for-1 movie offer, which has recently been bolstered with a half price restaurant deal. That is, unless their higher advertising spends are subsidising this dominance.

Their media delivery follows the pattern of the other advertisers in this space, with all of them having a high number of impacts on ITV1 and the same few programmes. For example, 7 programmes alone account for 39% of all impacts, including the usual suspects of Emmerdale and Coronation Street. 70% of impacts occur during peak time, which is often seen with TV spends in this bracket, with CTM spending £33m. As we saw with Oak Furniture Land in a past Adquirer edition, a greater mix of channels and dayparting can still be employed, with big budgets, to maximise customer acquisition performance and achieve cut-through in very congested markets.

As two leaders in this space, it is no surprise that searches for the brand terms of Moneysupermarket and Compare the Market (CTM) drive traffic to each other’s site. Looking at data from Hitwise in the chart shown below, we can see that the term ‘Money Supermarket’ results in a visit to CTM 3.55% of the time, and CTM reciprocates to the tune of 2.8%. Especially in an ultra-competitive market such as this, it is imperative to harvest the absolute maximum from TV performance, and help your competitors as little as possible. This can be in the form of paid search and SEO techniques to ensure the search results page is dominated by your business and your business only.




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    […] in this space, it is no surprise that searches for the brand terms of Moneysupermarket and Compare the Market (CTM) drive traffic to each other’s site. Looking at data from Hitwise in the chart shown […]

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