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Facebook adds new tools for public figures

Thinking about social media, it’s all about posting the best versions of your life online to share with your peers and follow your most-loved celebs. Job titles now consist of ‘Social Media Influencer’ as millions of people follow the lives of Influencers across many social media platforms.

Although all our content is great and the ability to be able to share parts of your life online and connect with people in different places is fantastic, these platforms rely on the big influencers to create popular, shareable and highly viewed content to keep the platform ticking along, and essentially, keep the platform engaging and entertaining.

Facebook has recently released a new update targeting Influencers directly, the first of which will allow Influencers or public figures to add all to one Facebook story. This not only allows a plethora of views to be shared on one topic, but it also increases the reach of the Influencers to audiences they may not be known. Secondly, ‘Swipe Up’ shopping will be a new addition to Influencer stories, in which users can swipe up directly to the brand page of that item, improving and influencing the shopping journey.

All Response Media viewpoint
Paid social is a huge part of our offering at All Response Media, so we’re constantly working with Facebook to keep on top of all the updates to ensure we’re being as efficient as possible for our clients.

The new updates, such as the swipe up shopping update for Facebook Stories (currently available in Instagram) will allow brands to firstly, link with Influencers more easily and potentially be more measurable especially if these updates filter down to paid stories. In general, Instagram Stories are a huge part of the activity we run and is likely to grow further and this will likely lead to them opening up the functionality to Facebook Stories if these updates are received as well as we hope. One to watch out for!

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