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How the increase in TV viewership has brought good news

COVID-19 has been on everyone’s mind for the past few months now and will continue to be with us for seemingly some time. Like all other countries, the Dutch government is doing its best to keep the numbers of COVID-19 cases to a minimum. They have thus decided to close all schools, restaurants and gyms. They have cancelled all upcoming events with more than 100 people and are pushing everyone to work from home where possible.

Amongst all the challenges, such as toilet paper being sold out in grocery stores, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands decided to give a speech regarding the crisis on the 16th March at 19:00 CET. A Dutch Prime Minister hasn’t addressed the nation since the 70s, which automatically made this a very big deal and was watched by more than 5.38 million people in the Netherlands. Possibly the most watched program of the year – last year this was during the finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

At All Response Media, we are known for doing our best to keep our client’s happy no matter what, and we managed to do that yet again in spite of the COVID-19 crisis.

Minutes before the Prime Minister’s speech went live, we had a spot running for one of our charity clients which was viewed by 3.3 million people. The chart below shows the immediate (indexed) impact this had on unique webs visits (green line) when the TV spot aired (pink bar).

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All Response Media viewpoint
We appreciate the impact COVID-19 is having on everyone, including advertisers. Our goal in this case was to utilise higher TV viewership to better promote a good cause, with great results. Thus, showing that tactically reacting quickly can deliver good results, and in this case many charity donations.

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