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The effectiveness of press

Over recent years, the decline in press investment by advertisers has been apparent, largely driven by decreases in circulation. However, print media is still capable of reaching incredibly high numbers and by recognising its unique selling points (USPs), advertisers can still achieve effective, response driving and value-driven campaigns.  For advertisers who want to land a wide-reaching message, in a short timeframe and in an impactful way, press can deliver.

Recent examples include the KFC ad with the ‘FCK’ packaging change to apologise for their supply chain issues. Simple, clean, humorous, effective and bang on point. Another was the Facebook apology in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where even the digital behemoth turned to traditional newspapers when they wanted to make it publicly clear to consumers they had dropped the ball.

But press isn’t all about apologies; tapping into the press USP of immediacy, we executed a campaign for Everest running a series of tactical ads when the ‘Beast from the East’ hit! Following an initial enquiry from the client, we suggested a tactical execution into the national press and once the storm had been confirmed, the client developed specific “Beast from The East” copy and via some punchy short-term buying we ensured their message was timed perfectly with the arrival of the bad weather.

All Response Media viewpoint

It is important to remain cognisant of the value of press and through our bespoke analysis tool ARMalytics® we can prove it to clients by ensuring maximum ROI for their press campaigns by optimising many variables such as title, size, creative and day of the week for example.