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How Prolific can unlock new potential for creative campaigns

When it comes to creative campaigns, all clients are looking for that headline-grabbing story that makes journalists, influencers, and bloggers sit up and pay attention. However, finding untapped data sources and news-worthy angles can be challenging.

Prolific is a research tool which is linked to a survey to use demographic filters to generate a tailored pool of respondents. We recently relied on the tool’s diverse pool of over 70,000 vetted participants to further enhance the outreach potential of a campaign for our client, Endsleigh. In an unprecedented COVID-19 climate, Endsleigh wanted to discover how students were feeling about Freshers’ Week 2020 to complement a Fresher-focused personality quiz they are currently promoting.

While previous years had seen them gather data from students face-to-face at Freshers’ events, this required us to access a pool of students and gather insights into their expectations and apprehensions in a short turnaround.

 We used Prolific’s custom prescreening to reach the right audience, opting to set age and education filters for this survey, but there are many other prescreening options to choose from. These include basic demographic variables, such as ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexuality. You can also filter participants by work, family and relationship, mental and physical health, geographic and socioeconomic variables, interests/hobbies, languages, shopping and personal finance information, and political, religious, and personal beliefs, amongst others.

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The thing that impressed us most though was just how quickly our Endsleigh survey took to complete. We were able to gather responses from 200 students in around an hour. This means we were able to deliver insightful findings in the span of a day.

Just some early findings from our initial test launch of 50 participants include the fact that 40% felt negatively towards Freshers’ events being held online, and a staggering 72% of students felt Freshers’ Week 2020 would be worse than previous years. The full findings will be published on Endsleigh.co.uk, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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