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The tactical toolkit

When big news breaks in the media, relevant audiences have a tendency to become highly involved and connected with particular stories which in turn can make them more responsive to adverts.

Based on initial test results, we have seen impressive spikes in consumer activity for a number of clients around certain stories and events. Therefore, we have created a bespoke toolkit, delivering innovative and integrated response across both offline and online activity within 24 hours. The aim of the toolkit is to utilise relevant media and times to drive additional business for our clients.


In order to react quickly to the breaking news, we need to focus on media that has minimal lead times and little or no copy approval restrictions. We also need to consider whether that media offers an editorial environment that can contribute to the emotional impact of the news story.


TV – We would look to move spots within channels we are currently active on, particularly on channels such as Sky News and ITV.

OOH – Digital 6 sheets can be implemented rapidly and used to deliver immediate impacts into major cities.

Press – Short term national press ads present the opportunity to be in and around the news within a couple of days. Front half display activity will create higher impact that more closely relates to the news editorial which should develop a higher response rate.

Radio – Radio can respond tactically with advertising provided creative is approved quickly. RACC clearance typically takes 2 days, however copy can be pre-approved. Activity is obviously limited to availability; however it could be possible to be on-air within 48 hours.


Display (DBM) – Display activity targeting relevant to the event. We recommend targeting a combination of the target audience (using Google data) within the following; Categories (Site Topic), Sites (handpicked), Keyword (Contextual) and In-Market (Audience).

GSP – Through Google Sponsored Promotions, we can target users who have received emails in relation to the event, targeting via keyword, email opens and audience interests.

Facebook – Activating Facebook, targeting relevant demographics, content and interests.


We have had numerous opportunities over the past few months to put the toolkit into action and have seen some great results. Across both offline and online, our additional activity has delivered a response rate of around 2-3 times higher than our core activity this year!


This type of strategy can provide clients with a reactive element to their campaigns outside of core business-as-usual activity, delivering an competitive edge in their market. We have already seen a significant uplift in performance across a number of clients and providing the media is positioned around relevant content in a tasteful manner there is no reason this can’t be used across any client.