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TV content more often encourages online surfing behaviour

The latest edition of the ‘Trends in Digital Media survey by GfK’ provides research which shows that TV content is increasingly influencing consumers. If one surfs the internet while watching TV, it is frequently the result of TV content. In 2019, this applies to 61% of the Dutch population, whereas in 2018 this was still 54%.

TV increasingly encourages online surfing
If you surf online while watching TV, this is often (12%) or sometimes (49%) as a result of something that you have seen on TV. Completing online purchases while watching TV is also regularly based on something people saw on TV. According to the research, one in five consumers makes online purchases while watching TV.

Watching TV via smartphone is increasing
The digital viewer watches TV programs on various devices, with most viewers watching via the TV set. This percentage has been stable at around 91% for years. However, the use of the smartphone as a device to watch TV is increasing further and is now almost as high as the tablet. The decline in watching TV via a PC or laptop continues, but the laptop is still used as often as the smartphone and tablet.

The Dutch are not sensitive to an attractive VOD subscription offer
For Dutch people who use paid video services, the main reasons are 1) relaxation, 2) the possibility to watch wherever and whenever you want and 3) access to a large selection of content. It is interesting that the Dutch generally do not consider the costs or offer of a subscription and the possibility to watch programmes in advance to be that important. It is appreciated though that the use of RTL XL, RTL Telekids, KIJK, YouTube, NPO Start and NPO Zapp is free.

YouTube, Videoland and Netflix are the most popular apps on the smartphone and tablet
YouTube is viewed relatively more often on smartphones, with Netflix and Videoland watched more often on a tablet. The golden rule applies here: the longer the content, the larger the screen. Netflix continues to grow and is now used by 51% of the respondents. It is remarkable that the use of YouTube and NPO Start apps decreased in 2019. The most important device for the VOD platforms is still the TV set.

Music is the most important video category on YouTube
67% of the respondents watch or listen to YouTube music videos. The second most popular are tutorial videos with 29%. Music is also the longest viewed category on YouTube, with respondents watching an average of 48 minutes a week, followed by influencers with 13 minutes of viewing time per week.

All Response Media viewpoint
It will come as no surprise that we see a strong correlation between people watching TV and how it makes them go online and make a purchase, as we know that from our own experience with client partners. Surprisingly, especially given the stingy reputation of the Dutch, that for VOD platforms the subscription costs apparently aren’t much of an issue despite all their attempts to become top of mind of consumers lately. With recent ‘new entrants’ Disney+ and Apple TV+ we see that their perceived USP seems to boil down to the actual costs of the subscription, while they should rather focus on the entertainment power of their vast portfolio.

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