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TV Response Index – September 2017

The monthly TVRI provides a context for response performance whilst maintaining confidentiality. Results from active clients within each category are combined to provide a barometer for each industry. The dotted line in the graphs represents the market average, encompassing all industries.

The seasonal dip in charity performance looks to be deeper this year than last, although some charities within our portfolio are experiencing strong SMS responses at the moment. The sector will begin to pick up in the lead up to Christmas, where there is increased competition for share of pocket. This year will be particularly interesting as inflation is outpacing wage growth, which is likely to constrict giving. This, combined with the strong likelihood that the Bank of England will push up the base rate, could mean a squeeze on charitable giving, so ads are going to need to work harder. Finance is tracking in line with the average and also is expected to pick up post-Black Friday and throughout the Christmas period, as people look towards borrowing around the festive period.

Home improvement as a sector continues to be swayed heavily by seasonal offers, and as we move into the January sales we should expect to see the performance here jump. Retail is also coming into a key period, where a further record-breaking % of spend is projected to be pulled away from the high street, so we can expect online retail to become even more competitive, with Google standing to benefit heavily. On the downturn will be the travel sector, until January when early planners start to book up their summer holidays. The effect of Monarch’s demise and Ryanair pulling flights is likely to cause disruption to the market though, so it may not react exactly as it has before.

TV Response Index October 2017