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23andMe: Is TV ad success in their DNA?

Launching on TV in December 2014, 23andMe have brought to market their unique DNA testing kit and have been on TV ever since, including an agency switch a year ago. With a cost-per-website visit figure of £4.53 over the last 12 months, they achieve the best results out of all the advertisers covered in this edition.

Could their results have been any better? Possibly. With 53% of airtime being deployed in peak time, there was a definite shying away from daytime broadcasting, the oft-utilised hunting ground for response and customer acquisition.

The ad itself gets straight to the point and leaves the viewer in no doubt how crucial a person’s DNA can be in their general health and wellbeing, delivered visually and via a calming voiceover. Their URL appears numerous times throughout the 30” spot – the only spot length they now use – but does not remain constantly. All in all, until we get to the barrage delivery of small-print delivery by the voiceover (different to the calming person from the rest of the ad) it is a very bright, engaging and happy advert that clearly outlines the health benefits of the product.