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Diet Chef: Do the numbers add up?

Diet Chef’s 2016 offering focuses on numbers, calories to be precise, in a conceptual manner as we follow the journey of a teacher who is relieved at leaving the counting of calories to the experts.

In terms of product display, Diet Chef takes a leaf out of Tim Allen’s book from Home Improvements, or more accurately, his neighbour Wilson. A meal is taken out of the microwave and admired by living room inhabitants without the viewer ever seeing the plate! After a few more shots of the packaging, the meal in question makes a triumphant return and appears on screen for literally one second before the logo and website URL are displayed for the last four seconds. This isn’t conducive to a response based approach, which may be a reason why their cost-per-visit for the December / January period was £8.87.

The classroom scene takes up almost half of the ad as the voiceover does all the work, and if you incorporate the details above, there is a lack of product time on screen during this ad. This begs the question, if the prominence of both the product and CTA were enhanced, would CpV figures improve?