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The importance of Google Shopping ads

Google first launched its shopping ads in 2002 since their first appearance, Google Shopping ads have become increasingly important in our search results. There was a time when Shopping listing only appeared at the bottom of search results or on the right-hand sidebar. However, since the exclusion of the sidebar Shopping ads now almost always appear above text ads. When searching for certain products from a mobile device you are immediately presented with Shopping listings and have to scroll to get to the text ads. Therefore, it is not surprising that clicks on Shopping ads now make up 60% of retail search clicks on Google.

Despite the importance of Shopping ads some retailers are still getting them wrong or in some cases not using them at all. The reasons were given for this range since they are too complicated to set up, to they are too expensive to set up. However, Shopping ads need not be either of these things and there are some simple rules that if followed can make the entire process easier.

  1. Decide what you want to use shopping for: Just because you have 1000 products on our site does not mean you have to set up 1000 shopping ads. Decide what you want to achieve with shopping then decide what products will help you with that goal. For example, would it be beneficial to promote items on sale, exclusive items or just your most popular items?
  2. Get your product feed right: Many retailers, when building a feed, will turn to a feed management agency. These managers can be very useful especially if you have a very large feed and want to do a lot of testing. However, if you a have smaller/simpler feed building it yourself is an option. Building your own feed can save time and expense. There are numerous pages on the Google help centre that show you how to build and set up a feed.
  3. Optimise your feed: After you have built your feed, you can test different titles, description and images. Finding the right combination can help you appear on a wider range of searches and really improve traffic. However, limit the number of tests running at once, if your feed gets disapproved because of something new it can be difficult to find out what the problem is if there are too many tests.