What is Programmatic?

Programmatic buying has a wide number of definitions and interpretations. At All Response Media, we see it as another tool in our smart media buying arsenal. A tool that now can be applied to display, native, social and video inventory.

What we do

We leverage multiple Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) depending on the client vertical and KPIs. We understand that the different DSP platforms have particular strength and weaknesses and our agnostic approach aligns those to your KPIs

Our approach to Programmatic

The role and significance of programmatic buying is growing and more channels and inventory sources are trading in this manner. However, the fundamentals of how we approach this technology stay true:


  • Our approach is single-minded, as we are focused on driving performance for our clients. That means we are focused on aligning the right DSP(s) for our partners and do not have a one size fits all methodology. This can be a mix of internal DSP technologies, where ARM will be buying on a line by line basis. To also working with trusted external DSP partners, where we can leverage a mix of unique DSP data and buying propositions.


  • This is part of our ethos and programmatic is no different, with all technology and agency fees detailed in our media plans.

Brand safety and inventory quality:

  • All of our programmatic inventory will be run alongside independent ad verification and brand safety technology to ensure the effectiveness of our programmatic investment. As an agency, we are sitting on the IPAs Digital Marketing steering group, which are strong advocates of JICWEBS DTSG initiative – ensuring best practice principles in digital ad trading.

Reporting and insights

All Response Media’s “Digital Pulse” dashboard within ARMalytics® provides a daily heartbeat of how campaigns are performing vs. key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition to this, our programmatic ‘hub’ team leverages their depth of expertise and close working relationships with DSP technology partners to provide additional insight and recommendations to our client partners.

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