Door to Door

What is Door to Door?

Door to door advertising is the distribution of non-addressed advertising collateral (leaflets, booklets or menus for example) through home letterboxes, often via geo-targeted approaches based on the regionality of the customer base. The power of communicating with the consumer at home is well known to us and door to door advertising provides a traditional, proven responsive route to achieve this.

Key door to door success factors include the following: customer profiling and audience segmentation; precise targeting via industry-leading systems; and driving efficiency via data-driven planning and rapid campaign optimisation.

What we do

Clearly, the opportunity to target niche groups through the application of geo-demographic targeting is a key characteristic and benefit of the medium. However, the ability to maximise performance requires an in-depth understanding of the routes available, their correct application to different business needs and a sound, evolving targeting methodology.

We are able to draw upon sophisticated targeting capabilities through a mixture of response analysis systems together with customer profiling, segmentation and market-leading mapping tools to help our clients reach the right consumers in the right way at the right time. More advanced ongoing modelling, including ‘recency-frequency’ optimisation, can also ensure client budgets are even more efficiently deployed over the longer term.

Our approach to Door to Door

The diversity of our advertisers only serves to illustrate the flexibility of our approach. From home entertainment to financial services sectors, our clients employ door to door marketing for a variety of objectives from traditional response through to encouragement of product trial, driving of web traffic or footfall to store or events.

Additionally, door to door advertising is often planned to perfectly complement other primarily broadcast media such as TV, radio or outdoor where the aim is to generate a response uplift and maximise performance from an integrated strategic perspective.

Reporting and insights

Campaign reporting and detailed response analysis are crucial to achieving improved performance for our clients and are essential to sustained long term success. We employ econometric analysis alongside response and sales figures to determine optimisation factors we can influence at speed, such as which creatives, how they work, which regions were more responsive, which day of the week is more effective and how the frequency of delivery is affecting results, to name a few factors we can influence when optimising campaigns.

Data analysis is how we work and this ongoing performance checking allows us to constantly optimise campaigns to deliver the highest ROI. We have seen door to door work as a massive “trial generator” for the most cutting edge digital businesses – a good example being LoveFilm – while also doing a more traditional job for retail and utilities and the scalability can mean annual distribution for a single client of over 100 million items.

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