Press Advertising

What is Press Advertising?

The press market is a hugely influential, inspirational and trusted media source. The press industry is one of the oldest media channels around and has formed a part of people’s lives for hundreds of years. This does not mean things haven’t changed. We now have a vibrant and diverse sector made up of 24 national newspapers, over 2,900 regional papers, and 10,000+ consumer and B2B magazines. Currently, they sell over 9.5 million newspapers every week and over 40 million magazines every month.

What we do

First, we will help determine if and how a press campaign can fit within your campaign objectives; we will explore whether it should be its own single media strategy or part of a multimedia strategy and how it could supplement other media strategies. Once this has been established, we identify the most beneficial and effective avenue to proceed with; so is it newspapers, weekly magazines or business to business titles? We will provide insight into creative formats, such as whether to run a full front-page ad, or perhaps classified sections which provide the most cost effective result.

Our understanding of the marketplace and our media owner relationships allows us to secure the best pricing for our clients, the first step in helping to deliver highly effective campaigns with excellent ROI. Optimising client campaigns at speed, utilising ARMalytics®, forms the continued strategy in achieving incremental value.

Our approach to Press Advertising

With access to industry-leading audience research tools, we employ these to determine campaign targets and from that the right titles to select. Our understanding of the individual titles, from extensive experience and expertise, enables us to drill down further to ensure we not only select publications that hit our target audience, but that also offer the right editorial environments that match our clients’ needs.

Deciding on how to schedule a campaign is crucial; it is imperative to consider whether you lay all the activity down early, guaranteeing access but potentially limiting choice later. Or leave things to the short term which delivers the best pricing but can limit availability. Our knowledge of publishers and trading conditions allows us to steer the best course for our clients.

Reporting and insights

Campaign reporting and detailed response analysis are crucial to achieving improved performance for our clients and are essential to sustained longer-term success. We employ econometric analysis alongside response and sales figures to determine optimisation factors we can influence at speed, such as which titles work, how they work, which creatives are more effective, which day of the week is more responsive and how the position in the title is affecting results, to naming – a few levers we can pull to optimise.

Data analysis is how we work and this ongoing performance checking allows us to constantly optimise campaigns to deliver the highest ROI.

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