What is Radio Advertising?

Radio is an emotive and impactful medium that sits at the heart of everyday life: from breakfast time to commuting hours, throughout the working day and into the evening and early hours of the morning.

With a weekly reach of 90%, radio connects with all ages and demographics, with the average listener tuning into 21.5 hours of radio per week. Additionally, with 6 out of 10 adults listening to radio via a digital device, the opportunities to extend the campaign beyond voice-only into an integrated environment have increased tremendously. (Source: RAJAR)

What we do

Radio can be a very effective method for customer acquisition; supporting heavier media channels well with its high dwell time. What we do to start is ascertain whether radio adverts should be part of your media mix. With efficiency gained from purchasing through reverse auction strategies, radio can be an integral part of a wider media mix.

As a media-neutral performance agency, we only select a media channel if it has the potential to generate a response for clients. We see ourselves as a business partner and only grow if you grow; selecting the right media channels is core to this.

Our approach to Radio

Our approach starts with assessing whether radio fits with your business objectives and where it sits within an integrated schedule of activity. We do this by reviewing the target audience, station and production costs, audience reach, the consumer journey and any barriers to market; for example how visual the product or service is whether or not it will work on radio.

Initially, we look to data and analytical tools, past results from our activity as well as analysis from tools such as Mediatel, IPA Touchpoints and TGI. We then begin planning a bespoke and effective campaign. Key steps in this planning incorporate assessing your radio advertising costs, particularly assessing whether we can use radio auctions to bring costs down. Other important planning components include assessing which stations, regions, dayparts, reach, frequency (opportunity to see, or opportunity to hear) are required. The final result is a media plan designed to drive the most efficient response, maximising the budgets allocated.

Reporting and insights

All campaigns, no matter how big or small, come with a regular set of reports and detailed analysis. using econometric analysis we assess the immediate impact and the longer-term changes the campaign has made on all response mechanics and other media channels. Reports and attributed results can all be viewed by client access to our proprietary measurement and analysis suite, ARMalytics®.

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