Starting in the UK…

  • About: Wonderbly (formerly known as Lost My Name) is a direct-to-consumer children’s book publisher with a growing portfolio of innovative and fascinating technology-infused books, including The Birthday Thief and My Golden Ticket.
  • Objective: As marketing budgets are more concentrated to Q4, the aim was to drive a lower cost per acquisition (CPA), maximising efficiency during this key time, targeting their desired audience of 25-44 women, with a slight ABC1 bias.
  • Strategy: Rapid in-campaign optimisation, underpinned by ARMalytics®. We actioned granular insights at speed to ensure efficiencies could be gained during this compact timeframe. Applying these insights at the start in future could then help the team hit targets a month in advance compared to the previous year.
  • Results: This approach lowered the CPA considerably, exceeding Q4 2015 sales targets. Investment for Q4 2016 was increased accordingly, the targets for which were hit even earlier than planned, with massive year-on-year growth. This led to launches in new markets…

…and going global

  • Objective: After their UK success, Wonderbly wanted to expand into North America, after a previous attempt with another agency failed to achieve the targets set. They relaunched via our sister agency, Havas Edge, within the Edge Performance Network, needing TV in the US to deliver volume of new customers at an efficient CPA in their peak season (6 weeks leading up to Christmas).
  • Strategy: The target customer profile was mothers and grandmothers of preschool-aged children, necessitating a media footprint centred on kids programming as well as general entertainment/household and boomer stations. 50% of the media plan was multi-channel, allowing us to efficiently reach the target on higher profile stations and dayparts with a more efficient rate.
  • Results: CPA remained on target for the campaign, with both the US and Canada seeing significant spend growth with profitable CPAs.

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