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5G: opening new doors for digital marketing

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks which is being rolled out this year and boasts 100 times faster speed compared to the current 4G. This means it will only take seconds for a full HD film to download, and with significantly quicker page load times, marketers expect to see lower bounce rates.

This will provide a level of connectivity we have never seen before, as an article by PCMag looks at how 5G will help with the connectivity problems people are currently facing in the rural areas, by offering better speeds, it is likely that 5G will enable more people to go online. As other people are expected to enter the market and with more connected devices than ever, this will mean increased inventory and opportunities for marketers.

With data having surpassed oil in value this year, there is no doubt that the tech companies, alongside Silicon Valley startups, will take advantage of the new opportunities and come up with some revolutionary ideas.

All Response Media viewpoint
With the increased speed and connectivity that 5G will offer, video is clearly one of the areas that will benefit the most. It is no news that video has been pushed significantly in recent years. One of the advertising giants, Facebook, has been prioritising video content on its newsfeed as this has become a common way of better engaging with the customers and getting the message across in an impactful manner.

More connected devices and increased speed mean more ad space availability. With over half of tablet or video viewing, today is still in the home, over broadband, 5G’s roll-out will enable users to spend more time on their devices. With the increase in users and devices will also come the real-time analytics, which will provide a huge opportunity for marketers to get creative with hyper-tailored and geo-located advertising. For instance, we could instantly re-target a customer who has bought a handset, with personalised accessories based on their previous purchase behaviour and relevant demographic information.

With fibre-like speeds widely available, we can expect a decrease in ad-blocker usage, as the slow page load will become a problem of the past. Also, it would be a great opportunity to take chatbots, AR and VR to the next level and apply their usage more heavily in industries such as retail or travel.

4G has brought us technology which 10 years ago seemed unimaginable, as well as market disruptive innovations such as Uber or Spotify, which have changed the way we commute and consume audio respectively. Even though we can foresee some of the changes 5G will bring along, it is impossible to fully predict the products which will, in a few years, change the way we will go about our daily lives.

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