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Don’t be scared, it’s only TV advertising

You’re a new advertiser, your pay-per-click (PPC) spend is maxed out and you are squeezing social media for all it’s worth. You’re standing on tip toes trying to reach the last of the low hanging fruit. You’re ready for the next step and are thinking about TV.

You have a potentially strong unique selling point (USP), a great offer, a strong creative proposition and you are backed by the finest TV analysis tools in the world (such as ARMalytics®). However, taking that leap onto TV can be scary, so let’s try and set your mind at ease by answering the most common worries around TV launches…

TV is too expensive

It actually isn’t. The cost of producing an ad has come down dramatically over the last ten years, and advances in animation have meant that ads can actually be produced for less than £5k. This means that you can have a proof of concept test for an overall cost of £20-25k. In comparison, an insert test of 1,000,000 inserts is going to cost in the region of £20-30k for print and media.

I am about to launch in a crowded marketplace, aren’t I going to be blown away by the big spenders?

Of course share of voice (SOV) is relevant to market share, but there is evidence to suggest that an increase in spend within a competitor set benefits everyone. When looking at a 50+ (age group audience) client in Q1, we noticed that impacts went up overall by 24% year-on-year (YOY). Correspondingly, the overall visit levels for the competitive set actually rose by 29%, so as this displays, don’t be afraid to ride the industry wave.

(I am putting my head above the parapet): What happens if there is a backlash on social media or a competitor steals my USP?

Social monitoring is perhaps as important as making sure that your campaign is supported by brand term PPC activity. Be across the social chatter that relates to your ad, and reply to negative comments in a quick, positive and proactive way.

All Response Media Viewpoint

Overall, rather than thinking about what you might lose, think of what you could gain:

  • A truly national presence and an equivalent volume potential to match
  • “As seen on TV” – in a society where fake news is ever-more prevalent, this is still seen as a badge of trust and authority
  • A proverbial tap that you can turn off and on as demand dictates via increased or decreased TV spend

Don’t constrain yourself with PPC efficiencies and the media channel equivalent of low hanging fruit. Most entrepreneurs don’t go into business saying they want to be the most efficient player in town: they want to be the biggest, the best and the most dominant player in the market. TV can do this for you, and our targeting and analytical tools will ensure that you can grow quickly and efficiently into a truly national brand.