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Gone in 6 seconds

YouTube’s Bumper ads have been around for almost a year now and having been a brand opportunity to date, there may be a performance side to the format. For those not familiar, Bumper ads are 6 second, non-skippable pre-roll video ads that are most suited to grabbing the attention of mobile users snacking on short-form content.

From a brand perspective there have been 3 main strategies for using the format:

But knowing what we do about this mini-video ad, the following attributes could make it a viable performance opportunity to test:

  • Bumpers can offer advertisers who are targeting youtube.com with display ads (only available on desktop) access to mobile inventory
  • Bumpers offer access to quality inventory and a more engaged audience who are more focused, compared to an audience scrolling down a busy webpage
  • Bumpers are clickable on destination URLs; companion banners; info cards; channel avatars; as well as share and info buttons
  • Bumpers are easy and cheap to create: Google can even assist turning your existing display ads into Bumper video ads
  • Bumpers offer an efficient cost per thousand (CPM). <£4 CPM vs. TrueView’s ~£10

All Response Media Viewpoint

Bumper ads are not for every advertiser. You can’t do too much in 6 seconds, so they lend themselves to advertisers and campaigns where they accompany a wider message. What the format has done is stimulate some creativity in online video ads and added to the more than familiar TrueView ad format. As an agency, we’re doing more online video activity than ever, so if you want to find out more about viable options for your business please ask.