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Google’s new AI fights spam

Google has announced its new artificial intelligence (AI) that will combat issue of spam, which is estimated to block 99% of spam search results.

There are several different types of spam results and content which Google plans to eliminate at different stages, describing it as “unprecedented potential to revolutionise” spam fighting AI. The AI will mainly focus on sensitive search terms which are important to users, such as medical testing sites.

“By combining our deep knowledge of spam with AI, last year we were able to build our very own spam-fighting AI that is incredibly effective at catching both known and new spam trends. For example, we have reduced sites with auto-generated and scraped content by more than 80% compared to a couple of years ago.”

This AI has also proven successful in identifying hacked websites, a common hack is called Japanese keyword hack as it adds new pages in the Japanese language, and it can also take over your Google Search Console account. Google has claimed to have caught most of spam generated pages by the spam hack by over 50%.

Google has also published a diagram outlining the three levels at which the AI will find spam results and content.

  1. Crawled spam.
  2. Indexed spam.
  3. Spam caught by manual action.

Google states:
“We estimate that these automated systems help keep more than 99% of visits from Search completely spam-free. As for the tiny percentage left, our teams take manual action and use the learnings from that to further improve our automated systems.”

 With the integration of AI Google, we will be able to train the algorithm to only improve and identify spam results and content, and we have seen Google launching more and more AI due to its effectiveness and the ability to improve.

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