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Google’s efficient reporting tool for bugs and security issues

Last week, via its Twitter account, Google provided information in regards to the location and procedure for their new website bug reporting system. The feature is currently only available on English-language sites only, via Google Search Console.

It was great timing for Google to provide more insights into this feature. With millions of people working from home, security is now an even bigger issue as individuals are more vulnerable to malicious attacks or bugs that can skew rankings. Furthermore, bugs are less easily identifiable currently, due to inconsistencies in user behaviour caused by COVID-19. Therefore, more rigorous processes around this issue are both necessary and welcome.

This new system will allow site owners who have either spotted a bug – or have been flagged with a security issue that cannot be resolved with the current tools in Google Search Console – access to the new report feature and a more efficient solution.

Ideally, this process should be handled by professional SEO experts to ensure correct and effective resolutions are implemented. If you require an SEO or CRO audit, or wish to speak to our specialists in regards to your website’s ranking and conversion performance, please contact our Marketing Manager, Bobby Ghayouri at bobby@allresponsemedia.com.

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