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What is the Google URL removal tool and how does it work?

Google’s URL removal tool is a function in the Google Search Console that allows you to temporarily hide unwanted URLs from Google search results. The first version of the tool has been around for many years, but as part of their updated platform, it has now been updated and boasts two new functions: an Outdated Content tool and SafeSearch filter.

Looking at the tool in general we now have the following features:

  1. Temporarily hiding and/or removing URLs from Google search results for about six months and clearing the cached copy of the page.
  2. Outdated Content allows you to request for outdated content to be updated or removed from Google search results.
  3. Showing you which pages and content on your site have been reported as adult content.

How to use the tool:

In your Google Search Console, simply navigate to your left sidebar and click on the ‘Removals’ link.  

All Response Media viewpoint

The new features are useful, as they now afford the ability to remove unwanted pages from Google’s search results pages, as well as allowing us to monitor the content of 3rd party reports on your content and/or pages.

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