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Weekly Tracker: COVID-19 impact on response by industry

As the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the public now spending more time at home, we will be creating and sharing insights on the impact on various industries.

Below are charts from 5 different industries, displaying the impact this pandemic has had on first-time web visitors.

From looking at the charts above it is clear that COVID-19 has somehow impacted all 5 industries. Although there isn’t much of a change to the pattern for charities, there was quite a decrease in visitors in March 2020 compared to March 2019. However, April has seen a small spike in visits which could be due to the public wanting to support more causes that could be suffering more due to the virus.

There is a significant decrease in visits for the financial industry, whereas education, fitness and food and beverage have seen significant increases – particularly food and fitness, which may show how people are spending their time during the lockdown. Fitness, however, has started to see some drop-offs. Perhaps the novelty of joining in Joe Wicks’ morning P.E. sessions has now started to wear off? The interest appears to be wearing off throughout the week but coming back at the beginning of the week. 

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