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How to win big at the World Cup

With the 2018 World Cup on the horizon, certain advertisers will be investing heavily in the market in the coming months to gain any incremental coverage they can. Whilst gambling advertisers pounce on this lucrative period (impacts increased by 175% during the last World Cup vs. the same period in 2013), consumer habits suggest other advertisers outside of gambling should also be taking advantage of the tournament:

• 43% of people will watch a game in a pub or a bar

• 82% of people will consume alcohol watching the games

• 92% of people make specific food and drink purchases for a match

• 17% planning to upgrade their TV specifically

However, at a macro level, we see male-skewed audiences turning over to ITV and BBC to tune into live coverage and highlight shows. So, is there an opportunity elsewhere for audiences choosing to migrate from their usual content?

Analysis of the 2014 World Cup period showed impacts of 16-34 women increased across a number of already high indexing stations (E4, E!, TLC), as audiences temporarily shifted their viewing habits vs. the previous month. For example, E4’s 16-34 women impacts increased by 3% despite overall adult impacts declining 3% in the same period.

Does this, therefore, present an opportunity for certain advertisers – for example, women’s fashion and cosmetics – to access their core audience at a cheaper cost?

All Response Media viewpoint

Businesses may view the World Cup as a threat to their TV campaigns, subsequently reducing spend on TV during tournament time. However, historic audience viewing habits show there is an opportunity for certain advertisers to cost-effectively target their audience.

It is important to find the opportunity even when it is not obvious or apparent, based on the data available. This is just one example of how you can buy more cost-effective targeted inventory at a time when brand focused agencies and advertisers are focused on the World Cup. It is this pragmatic buying approach that drives performance for our clients driving efficiency for now and scale for the future (Source N & S Audience Survey).