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Introducing keyword searching on Instagram

Previously, when using the Instagram search functionality, we were limited to hashtags, profiles, and locations; with the new update we’ll also be able to jump into specific search terms and Instagram will show you all the posts that include those exact words.

This update will be a big boost for expanding the visibility of content and a great way for brands to maximise their Instagram performance. Obviously, Instagram will look at ranking keyword searches and the algorithm will look to highlight the most relevant keywords to each individual user, but a great start for impacting search and discovery on Instagram.

As this feature is currently being rolled out, according to Instagram, keyword searches will be “limited to general interest topics and keywords that are within Instagram’s community guidelines”. So, targeting niche keywords or topics, probably won’t be searchable this way, just yet!

All Response Media viewpoint

Instagram is a key platform within our inventory of advertising here at All Response Media – it’s a slightly more visual way to advertise. With this new update, copy will become more important than ever to make sure our Instagram activity becomes as visible as possible and not just focus on the standard targeting and creative we usually have as our focal point.

Moving forward, this new search functionality could become something that is monetized, similar to paid search, our Instagram ads could appear in the search functionality, opening up huge opportunities for brands and expanding our offering on Instagram – so hold tight.

In the meantime, when it’s fully rolled out, it might be worth running a few experiments with copy and hashtags, to focus on the best strategy moving forward. One to watch!

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