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Netflix to launch online store – from stream to purchase

This month Netflix announced that they are launching an online store. There will everything from clothes, accessories, beauty kits, and housewares, all for sale on Netflix.shop. Unlike some of its competitors, Netflix does not have any commercials, and therefore purely relies on the monthly fees paid by its more than 200 million subscribers globally.

Netflix has so far made deals with H&M, Sephora, Amazon amongst others to sell products all related to its series and films and Netflix have partnered with tech company Shopify to create the online store. Varies brands have been rumoured to partner with shows to create items – and it’s been announced that products tied to Netflix shows, including Stranger Things and Money Heist will appear on the online shelves.

All Response Media viewpoint

It’s an interesting move from Netflix to expand into the e-commerce space and to do it in partnership with Shopify, who are experienced in handling major drops from music albums, beauty brand launches, to sneaker releases, and who will be able to manage the high demand from consumers globally.

Product placement and products based on entertainment aren’t something new, but it’s interesting to see how tech companies are expanding into new areas as they look for new revenue streams. Google recently announced plans to open a New York store and we saw Instagram ramp up its in-app shopping features in 2020. It will therefore be interesting to follow this development where brands will be able to partner with shows and/or influencers in new ways. Media and influencer partnerships are areas we are well-versed in as an agency. If you have any questions around this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your client team.

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