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New iOS update includes ‘taste before you buy’

Industry insiders have revealed plans by Apple to release technology allowing users to actually taste food items before purchasing. This makes use of the technological capabilities built into the iPhone 6s screens, which have remained under wraps, until last week.

The screen of the iPhone 6s is made from semiconductor materials, which allow a microelectronic current to be passed through it. By licking the screen, the current can stimulate the taste buds, and allow astonishingly realistic taste experiences. Although the technology has existed within the phones has existed since launch, the implementation and execution of that tech (electrical frequencies etc.) for this purpose has taken time for Apple to perfect, hence the silence on the subject until now.

Similar technology is being used for those on low salt diets, with the arrival of electric forks that stimulate the taste of salt. The iPhone technology is considered to be an advancement of this.

Brushing aside any hygiene issues that may be raised – after all, how clean are your pockets? – Apple is forging ahead by running a soft launch of the technology today, from 9am, before full launch with their new TV advert in May 2016. The soft launch allows users to lick their screen when in iTunes, which should taste of Apples, although the tech giant hasn’t stated which variety.

Please note: This is of course an April Fool’s article and in no way true. Hope you enjoyed it.