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Press Release: AAP launches their new campaign in the Netherlands

Our Dutch office of All Response Media is working with the AAP Foundation and is responsible for planning, buying, optimizing and executing the TV campaign that launched on May 11th on a large number of channels. At the same time, print and radio are used and influencers who act as leaders for the teams of friends.

About the campaign
The ‘Wanted: Friends’ campaign tells the story of three monkeys: Barbary Macaque Lulú, Rhesus Monkey Christos and Chimpanzee Wilma. These are three of the hundreds of animals that have been rescued by the AAP Foundation from a horrible situation. At AAP they are rehabilitated so that they can be animals again, even if some animals have been damaged for life.

The campaign calls out to become friends with the lonely Lulú, the vulnerable Christos or the blind Wilma and to donate for care and love.

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