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The reach and effectiveness of TV is still indispensable in the digital world

It is unmistakable that screens are an integral part of the life of the consumer, ranging from smartphones and social media to TV and streaming video. The main question for advertisers is: which one is best to reach consumers? After reviewing various surveys, we can conclude that TV is still indispensable for advertisers.

The reach and impact of TV is still unmatched

Many technology professionals claim that digital platforms, because of their popularity and increased penetration, are the best way to reach consumers these days. However, the hard numbers prove the opposite. Many studies show that TV remains the best platform for various reasons, mainly that there is no other medium with the same kind of reach and impact as TV. According to the latest Nielsen Q1 2017 Total Audience Report, in the US, people aged 18 and over watch an average of five hours of video per day on a TV screen, compared to 19 minutes on multimedia devices.

TV has the biggest impact on purchasing behaviour

According to 2017 GfK research on the effect of advertising on purchasing behaviour, TV has the biggest impact at all stages of the purchasing funnel, from brand awareness to the final purchase itself. TV alone has more influence than all the different forms of media combined, which also applies to 18 to 34 year olds. The influence of TV is not limited to the purchasing funnel; according to the same research, 65% of consumers indicate that TV ads influence their online search behaviour.

Unreliable or offensive content has a negative effect on the brand

Advertisers are increasingly aware of consumer concerns about the reliability of content and the impact this may have on brand advertising. According to research by CMO Council among 2,000 consumers, 75% worry about the growth of fake (news) sites. As a result of that, 60% often consume content from reliable sources and channels. The research also found that, consumers lose their trust in brands that place ads next to ‘offensive’ content. 37% stated that this changed the way they think of a brand during the purchase decision, with 11% indicating that they will boycott the brand or that they will not become a customer and 9% will publicly express their displeasure or protest against it.

According to the aforementioned GfK research, consumers have the greatest confidence in TV news programs. 81% of all consumers select local TV news stations as most reliable. For local news sites and apps, this is 68% and for news on social media 40%.

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Over the past few decades, TV has continued to gain consumer confidence, and this is supported by the research results discussed in this article. Combined with its high reach, it is easy to understand why advertisers reconsider their advertising spend, which usually results in TV remining in pole position because of its impact, reach and reliability.