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Slide into my Instagram (desktop) DMs?

Facebook Messenger has played a huge part in the evolution of Facebook on both web and desktop; now Instagram has confirmed that a small rollout of direct messages (DMs) on the desktop version of Instagram will be happening in the first few months of 2020. Instagram DMs are widely used to send messages, share images and videos but we wouldn’t directly call Instagram out for its messaging capabilities – unlike Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Instagram is used 90% on mobile and is rarely used on desktop but we’ve never actually had access to ‘slide into people’s DMs’ on desktop, as the poplar phrase goes. The addition will make the messaging capabilities on Instagram widely more accessible and not just a mobile-focused app. Given the popularity of direct messaging on Instagram and the success they saw from their ‘Threads’ app launch last year, it makes sense for Instagram to take this one step further. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told The New York Times that “private messaging, groups, and Stories were the three fastest-growing areas of online communication.” So direct messaging is a high priority for 2020. There have even been rumours that eventually Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users will be able to message each other despite what platform they are using. It’s all about giving users more flexibility about where and when they have their conversations.

All Response Media viewpoint
Facebook Messenger is a key platform within our inventory of advertising here at All Response Media – it’s a slightly more personal way to advertise and relatively cheap in comparison to other placements as its slightly more ‘undiscovered’ than the mainstream News Feed ads on Facebook. Looking at this addition from a paid media perspective, Instagram desktop DMs could be up and coming in the advertising space, giving the Facebook Network another placement option to choose when advertising, increasing further the reach of the Facebook Network.

One to watch for brands and their further interaction with customers with our main focus on the potential of allowing Instagram DMs to become a new notch on our belt of placements ensuring our reach is as large and efficient as possible. Stay tuned!

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