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Social Media Takeover: Trading Team

We recently had a social media takeover for the Trading Team over on Twitter, offering killer insight into their top tips on how to get the best response rate and maximise your TV campaigns through booking deadlines, trading and media buying decisions.

  • TV Booking deadlines: Being able to book TV quicker than the industry standard of 8 weeks allows for the most up-to-date response data to fuel client TV plans and allow for in-campaign optimisations at speed, thus leading to more efficient customer acquisition.
  • Response data is king. It is imperative to use client-specific KPIs to underpin all trading discussions and buying decisions to ensure a bespoke approach that delivers results.
  • Don’t track the market, manage it! Capitalise on the ebb and flow of the TV market and manipulate trading dynamics to maximise what you get out in accordance with your objectives and results.
  • Being nimble, flexible and in tune with the industry ensures clients have access to game-changing last minute media deals at reduced costs, thus improving campaign performance and utilising otherwise unused advertising media channels – for example peak time sponsorship.
  • Media-neutrality is a must. Not being restricted to a particular medium ensures that media channels are chosen PURELY on what works best for the client and generates the most efficient customer acquisition and business growth.

Look out for more takeovers and thought leadership from other teams, relating to their specialism.