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How does Spotify’s launch of their Ad Studio service impact advertisers?

Spotify has launched its Ad Studio service in Asia, allowing brands in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan to use its self-service platform.

The service, which was first announced in 2017, is available in Asian markets for the first time with the launch of the beta test. It allows brands to create and manage audio campaigns themselves. While it also has a tool that allows brands to upload a script, which Spotify will then turn into an audio ad within 48 hours.

All Response Media viewpoint
Spotify’s self-serve platform hasn’t launched in the UK yet, but we suspect it will likely make its way to our shores. This would be a game-changer for most advertisers and our clients at All Response Media, as Spotify is allowing advertisers to run their own campaign, turning the taps on and off where they see fit. It also seems like Spotify has a fairly rapid turnaround in getting the scripts into audio to get last-minute activity up and running, which is a benefit for most agile digital advertisers. 

Advertisers are always looking at ways to increase their reach and Spotify has around 117 million users globally using the Spotify free version which drives the potential to target a sizable audience. The niche aspect of Spotify audience segmentation is their impressive capability to target not only demographics but behaviours within Spotify that profile a particular user, for example, if you listen to repeat songs, genres of music and frequency metrics. There is also the capability to target overseas which again, can be a great way for advertisers to expand their reach. 

Audio has been a challenge for a lot of our clients as it can be hard to measure success, but Spotify has developed measurement tools over the last year to help advertisers validate the impact of connecting with Spotify audiences, which will close the gap. Some of these partners are Nielsen and Moat, which we currently partner with at All Response Media. 

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