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TV Testing – it’s never black and white…

A client who had advertised on TV before with very mixed results (mostly bad) saw the errors of their ways and came to us to seek the true data-led path to success. The root and branch review that we carried out, not only highlighted the previous errors in media planning but also included a critique of their existing creative, as well as a looking at website performance. Such a 360 degree is by no means unique for us. We want to ensure every test has the greatest chance of success and this can only be if we ensure the bedrock is sound.

This ensured by the time the airtime went out, we had a strong direct response (DR) ad, a website that was ready to convert and online activity poised to support the web-driven transactions.

We went live, and our live pulse grabs showed nothing but positive news, peaks of 200+ new visitors were showing after significant spots went out. However, Daily Pulse, the tool we use to measure daily overall sales were showing marginal gains (10% up at peak level).

What was going wrong? Thanks to careful analysis of both Google analytics (GA) and our own analysis system – Rapsure – we were soon able to spot the problem area. Rapsure was telling us that white noise (baseline activity) was at fault and GA soon spotted that Facebook was to blame. Conversions were down 44% month on month (MOM) and success in TV was covering up this shortfall in overall figures.

All Response Media viewpoint

Data and analysis systems are at the centre of everything we do. Without our culture of deep analysis of every data point, this client could have seen TV as a failure and missed a golden opportunity to grow their business.

The good news – we have helped them fix Facebook issues and they are retesting this month.