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118 118 Money: Is their move into finance succeeding?

This month, we assess three prominent loan advertisers. In addition to 118 118 Money, we also analysed TV ads from Sunny and Amigo Loans.

Since the 192 replacement boom died down (remember how many 118 variations there were? How soon we forget), 118 118 has pivoted into medium-term loans, but has kept its two exasperating protagonists and university fancy dress inspirers, who are rivalling Gary Lineker’s Walkers tenure for the sheer length of time that have been the faces of the brand.

The concept is fairly straightforward, with a young family detailing the benefits of using 118 118 Money, with the ubiquitous small print propping up the screen. Just when you think they might not make an appearance in the spot, the two 118 chaps come bursting through the screen (sirens wailing) in modified Formula 1 forklift trucks with stacks of cash on the forks. It certainly cranks up the energy of the spot, as they deliver the tag line in their fake olde posh accents: “Don’t panic! You are not alone! We are a loan!”

Our data scientists estimate that 118 118 Money achieved a cost per web visit (CpV) of £27.93 for this campaign. Although margins in this sector potentially allow for higher customer acquisition costs, 118 118 would need a solid online conversion rate with such a steep estimated CpV.

The brand’s logo is on screen throughout and is emphasised in the end frame, but adding the ‘.com’ to demonstrate the full URL could lead to more direct traffic rather than potentially relying on brand search terms.

Intriguingly, with a fairly even age range of web visitors according to Hitwise, and a young family as the focus of the spot, over 20% of 118 118 Money’s impacts were delivered on ITV3, indicating a strong attempt to appear in front of an older viewership.

Finance Loans Adquirer Table

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