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Amigo Loans: Sticking with plasticine

This month, we assess three prominent loan advertisers. In addition to Amigo Loans, we also analysed TV ads from Sunny and 118 118 Money.

The Morph lookalikes return for guarantor loans provider, Amigo Loans, in this friendly and conceptually classic spot. It begins with a young man looking to buy a car, followed by a voiceover explaining that if you are struggling to get a loan – visually implying ‘from a bank’ – with a guarantor or ‘amigo’ you can still unlock the financial shackles and make that desired purchase.

The amigo in the scenario is once again represented by the plasticine figure that acts as the main character’s friend and guardian, saving him from a soaking when a nearby water-logged awning is poked. The ad is somewhat unspectacular, but includes all the relevant details in a clear manner, with the URL appearing on screen throughout the 30” offering.

Our data scientists estimate that Amigo achieved a cost per website visit (CpV) of £14.48 during the campaign, which although not a disaster by any stretch, could benefit from improvement. One potential reason behind this could be that, similar to 118 118 Money, they also appear heavily on ITV3; 32% of all impacts in fact. Appearing on a competitor-heavy station aside, can more value and effectiveness be found with a broader station mix, whilst still incorporating demographic and scale safehouses such as ITV3?

A common theme throughout this edition has been the heavy mobile bias these brands experience. As with Sunny, according to Hitwise, 74% of Amigo Loans visitors arrive via mobile. Yet, neither 118 118 Money, Sunny or Amigo Loans look to emphasise this in their ads, and none of them feature an app-based facility. The mobile element could be captured in some way more than we are currently seeing.

Finance Loans Adquirer Table

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