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Sunny Loans: Smooth ad brings calm to finances, but is it too calm?

This month, we assess three prominent loan advertisers. In addition to Sunny, we also analysed TV ads from 118 118 Money and Amigo Loans.

The first positive for Sunny is the fact that after seeing the ad, its theme tune will remain in your head for the rest of the day! Bobby Hebb’s ‘Sunny’ grooves us into the serene and summery spot which paints Sunny loans as the calm financial ‘life support’ for when you need it the most. The concept is depicted by multiple broken down recovery vehicles stacked on top of one another, as a representation of how life can take a turn, with the ad aptly named ‘Unfortunate Breakdown’.

The cool, deep American voiceover sets the scene until the main character takes over to deliver the key line of ‘swing by their site and stress not’, whilst playing to their heavy mobile web visit bias as the main character holds up a phone as the main method of stressing not.

Is the ad too relaxing? Now, a calm ad can certainly work well, but in some instances a bit of urgency and drive is required to garner a response from the viewer. As we can see from their Hitwise weekly web visit figures (graph below), although their annual TV media investment is a highly significant £5.7m, their trend line is the only one that is actually decreasing in that timeframe, perhaps indicating that a more punchy element could be required. This especially rings true when you realise that their URL and key selling details are on screen throughout the spot: direct response 101.


Sunny’s media is delivered via an even day of week media split, indicating there is response to be gained across the whole week. 25% of impacts appear in only 6 ITV stalwart shows (Tipping Point, Coronation Street, Jeremy Kyle, Emmerdale, This Morning and ITV Weather), which are either delivering the desired results for Sunny, or perhaps indicate that a more well-rounded station mix could turn around the web visit statistics.


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