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All Response Media’s top TV research tools

We spend hours poring over results, gathering copious amounts of insights and making recommendations for optimisations to further improve your performance. As much as you know about your own campaign, ask yourself this…. how much do you know about your competitors and the current market?

At All Response Media, not only do we provide an in-depth analysis on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, but we also delve deep into your competitor’s campaigns to ensure you know almost as much as they do about their activity.

But how can we do this? Alongside ARMalytics, our bespoke attribution system, we use a variety of research tools to maximise our insight on both your activity and audience, as well as your competitors’.

Below are some of our top picks:

  • Hitwise is used to provide reports on site visits, search terms, audience demographics (age, location, Mosaic, social demo) and where people have come from or went to after visiting your site. We can determine seasonal trends and use Hitwise data in conjunction with approximate spends to calculate estimate CPVs. Furthermore, when used alongside postcode profiling we can determine if these audience’s match and we are hitting the people who are converting
  • TGI is a representative survey panel of c. 24k people and enables us to profile an audience, gathering learnings on their attitudes, behaviours, media consumption and demographics. We use this data alongside our agency insight to further support approaches and recommendations
  • DDS – using BARB data we can see how many impacts, TVRS or spots TV campaigns have delivered, alongside daypart weightings, stations used, the day of the week, programming and reach and frequency. On top of this, we can index those stations against the target audience to determine if your competitors are running efficiently
  • Addynamix – captures activity across all offline media and some digital, looking at both advertisers and market spends. We can also access competitor creatives such as TV ads, press insertions, door drops and see which titles, stations or areas they’ve invested in. This allows us to highlight any new creatives or changes, or increase/decreases in spending for competitors, provide maximum

All these tools can be utilised for separate reports as well as monthly reviews and help to provide more robust insight. Ask your account team for more information or if you have a specific request you’d like to know more about.