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Bing Scripts now in Beta – what does this mean for advertisers?

Over the last month, Bing have been rolling out their Script functionality to selected advertisers.  Scripts are essentially a JavaScript-based API that allows PPC account managers to automate complex or repetitive tasks. Google have had this functionality for years and it’s great to see that this is finally available in Bing. Both Google and Bing now offer ‘out of the box’ scripts that can easily be enabled without the investment of an extensive technical resource; so there really is no excuse not to be deploying these in your accounts!

All Response Media viewpoint                                         

In our experience auditing PPC accounts we find that scripts one of the most underutilised PPC tools.  Scripts can take all the heavy lifting out of QA initiatives, audits and day to day performance analysis; not leveraging this functionality compromises operational efficiencies and invariably impacts account performance.

A few examples of the tasks we use scripts to automate for our advertisers include: pausing/activating campaigns in-line with stock availability, auditing ad extensions/negative keywords, advanced QS reporting, URL link checking and to enable custom email alerts.

As well as making use of the standard scrips we work alongside our in-house tech specialists to refine these templates if we see an opportunity for a more bespoke solution.