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Bing to support expanded text ads

Historically, Bing has always followed Google when it comes to new products, whether it’s shopping, UET (RLSA on Google) or even upgraded URL’s and ‘Enhanced Campaigns’. Recently, they announced that they would be doing the same for expanded text ads (ETAs), building functionality into their API by the end of the summer to fully support the product.

Bing is a key part of any paid search campaign; it has a traditionally more affluent and slightly older audience, ideal for more high end or luxury brands, whether it is from a direct response (DR) or brand perspective.

Bucking the follower trend, Bing is also looking to innovate around ad extensions, including updated image extensions and call to action buttons, which Google haven’t picked up as yet.

All Response Media Viewpoint

As a performance DR agency, we always ensure that we maximise product uptake on Bing. The audience is quite different to that on Google and ensuring we are maximising performance on Bing as well enables us to increase the ROI of digital campaigns, but also offline activity such as TV for our multimedia clients.