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Digital audio is increasing radio listeners and the reach of traditional radio listening

This week, we look at the growth of digital audio/connected listening – the chart below shows how the reach of connected listening and traditional radio have grown over the last 6 years.

Connected Radio Reach

Whilst traditional radio has maintained reach in recent years, no mean feat with other traditional offline media such as TV and press suffering year on year viewing/readership declines. Connected listening has grown steadily demonstrating that digital/connected audio is not consumed at the expense of radio but is being listened to by new audiences and at new occasions.

Connected listening extends the reach of traditional radio, 52% of the UK adult population have listened to connected audio in 2019, with 19% of people who listen to online radio listening exclusively online – increasing to 31% in 15-24-year-olds. (source: IAB)

Top tip: By including connected audio onto a radio plan we can extend the reach of traditional radio, add additional levels of campaign targeting and extend the campaign to an audience that may not have been exposed to your advert through traditional radio – particularly relevant when targeting a younger audience.

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