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Do quick wins exist in SEO?

Some businesses that look to invest in SEO activity may not fully understand how it works and expect to see quick wins or instant results when carrying out SEO activity. Unlike most other digital channels, SEO is a strategy to drive natural performance for long-term benefit.

Although results are not instant, there are plenty of quick win SEO activities that can be implemented to start or continue the process of driving SEO performance. These are usually established when carrying out audits on websites – technical, content, link profiles, performance and so on.

All audits should consist of different levels of recommendations: short term (quick wins), medium and long term. Quick wins tend to refer to recommendations being either quick or easy (but also high priority) to implement to improve the optimisation of a website. The medium and long term recommendations will consist of activities that take time to implement or are difficult but these are factored into the main SEO activity strategy. Below demonstrates the benefit of an on-going SEO strategy for results in the long-term.


All Response Media Viewpoint

To ensure maximum performance from not just SEO but all digital activity, it is important that SEO should be part of an overall SEM strategy, aligning with other digital activity and where possible, offline. For example, when carrying out keyword research for SEO, the first place to gain the best insight into how relevant keywords are performing is from the paid team. Their data is the best way to see performance of keywords from a CTR and targeting point of view.