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Doubleclick ups its App game

Google have recently announced that their Doubleclick Digital Marketing suite has added a number of App Install and App Re-engagement features to ensure more effective campaign execution across the Google/Doubleclick tech stack.

Firstly, in terms of install tracking, with Android being so close to home for Google they have been able to implement the ability to track Android installs directly from the Google Play Store by simply initiating a link between the two platforms. This enables advertisers who may not able to utilise 3rd party app install tracking platforms to at least get a clearer picture of the Android installs they’re driving, and will also allow for more effective optimisation. For iOS app installs (and Android too), Doubleclick have now begun rolling out integrations with the leading 3rd party app install tracking solutions; firstly with Tune and more recently Appsflyer, where we were the pioneering agency to assist both parties in testing the integration.

These tracking integrations will allow for more robust reporting as well as the ability to manually and auto-optimise more effectively, all within the powerful Google stack, which had previously been the missing piece to the puzzle.

As well as tracking integrations, Doubleclick are now offering auto-populating creatives, based off your individual app, app install search ads (which were launched in May 2015) and the ability to quickly and easily setup mobile and video campaigns that are optimised for app install and engagement objectives from the start with Doubleclick Bid Manager. With more and more of users’ media time moving to mobile and in particular in-app, now is the time to get promoting the installing or re-engagement of your app, whilst now harnessing the power of the Google stack.