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Getting emotionally connected with TV ads

According to the American Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), 85% of all consumer purchases are made based on an emotional bond. This research indicates that TV advertising increases brand equity and that consumers find advertisements on TV more emotional and memorable than advertisements on other platforms.

Research shows that adults spend more time every day watching TV than they do eating, drinking, shopping, making phone calls, emailing, spending time on Netflix, YouTube and Facebook altogether. For 82% of TV viewers, watching TV is a main source of entertainment and relaxation.

Emotions among consumers are important to advertisers, as they drive the decisions and build up the brands. A consumer who has an emotional connection with a brand will purchase the product three times as often. This group of people who have an emotional connection to the ad are less price sensitive, are often focused on brands and are the ones that generate a long-term turnover. TV advertising drives a much greater increase in brand equity compared to online advertising.

The emotional connection viewers have with TV programmes transcends their TV screens. The large number of tweets and posts before, during and after TV programmes, as well as the large number of followers of the social media channels of the shows are all indicators of the emotional involvement of viewers with certain programmes. Viewers are already excited before an episode of a TV series is broadcasted. Nearly 60% of all tweets between the airing of TV show episodes relate to the excitement and expectations for the next episode.

Looking at the above chart, we can see that TV is the main medium for viewers to find advertisements that stick in their memory, make them laugh and make them feel emotional.

According to the CEO of VAB, consumer competition has never been greater than it is today. Advertisers must quickly and effectively create a meaningful bond with their target groups, giving advertisers a better opportunity to promote their message and build a long-term relationship with their consumers.

ARM viewpoint

Since the start of Covid-19, we in ARM’s Amsterdam office have experienced a significant number of our charity clients coming back on TV and increasing their budgets. Most of those that were not planning to advertise on TV at all started to do so at the beginning of the pandemic.

This resulted in an increase in our client’s donor volumes by almost 50%. As the population was feeling powerless during the pandemic, we were able to work with our clients to create an emotional connection by showing viewers that they still could make a difference by helping a good cause.

Stay safe and stay in touch with your ARM client teams! For more information on the TV services, we offer click here.