TV Advertising

Why TV advertising?

Television remains the most effective way of communicating with a mass audience quickly and across multiple devices. Therefore it offers scale as well as performance – a unique combination. Not only does TV entertain, but informs, guides and generates debate.

Scale and impact: This is more visible than it ever has been with the proliferation of a connected dual-screen audience where many brand’s ‘shop fronts’ sit just as comfortably in the palm of your hand as on the high street.

A larger, responsive audience: The UK TV market is one of the most advanced and diverse in the world. It offers the opportunity to target niche audiences but also allows its advertisers to reach larger audiences than any other medium. Commercial TV (all stations excluding the BBC’s) reaches a staggering 71.4% of the UK population on any given day. That number rises to 98.2% over a calendar month.

Targeting: The targeting opportunities on both linear and non-linear (video on demand, sponsorship, advertiser-funded programmes etc.) are vast. Using TV variables such as programme, day of the week, daypart, station, platform and region, it is possible to zero in on the audience that is most receptive to your brand message and the likeliest to respond.

Engagement: One of TV’s biggest and most powerful effects is its ability to change behaviour in the moment, creating immediate engagement with your brand. This micro-moment approach means you can start small to understand the impact TV advertising can have on your business and mitigate risk, as with any of your digital channels. The scale can be realised quickly and easily.

DRTV: Direct Response television is the strategy of immediate TV advertising impact and performance. Click here to visit our DRTV page and read more about how we can give your business the edge via direct response TV.

What we do

Operating across EMEA markets, All Response Media is a planning and buying agency that utilises media to drive your business. Our role is to use our tools, analytics and experience to essentially de-risk your TV campaigns – whether you are new to the channel or well established in TV advertising. The scale of the opportunity in TV advertising is exciting, and can also be daunting to first time advertisers. But with the right approach, you can realise the reward whilst mitigating much of the risk to your business.

We also endeavour to identify the delta between targeting and pricing value. This is a key component in creating campaigns that drive efficient business performance for our clients.

We execute TV in a way that delivers performance across the spectrum of client KPIs, from acquisition to retention to fame-making. We do this by exploiting gaps in imperfect data sets to produce an Unfair Competitive Advantage for our client partners. Beyond traditional TV buying, we also excel across video on demand (VOD), Nano Spot (TV sponsorship) and peak-time activity.

Our approach to TV Advertising

Our approach is simple in format and complex in execution, comprising of four self-explanatory steps:


  • The power of data is core to everything we do. We have developed proprietary technology that helps us to capture the many paths that your customers take to your checkout (physical or virtual). Our proprietary tag, Tag4ARM, sits on your site to capture the online journey in real-time.


  • Our proprietary ARMalytics® campaign analysis suite has constantly evolved throughout the last 20 years and allows us to visualise your first party customer data as live. With each of our clients having full access to the suite it allows all relevant parties to make quick business decisions to improve performance and make the most of the scale that TV offers.


  • We have a team of over 20 qualified data and analytics experts who specialise in both macro and micro level econometrics. However, campaign analysis is driven by the team that plan and buy your campaigns. Each buyer has a deep understanding of their client’s business and the bespoke KPIs that TV is targeted to deliver, from immediate response to long-term brand building.


  • Insight without action is toothless. Our planning and buying approach is bespoke to the KPIs and individual needs of each of our clients. Furthermore, we advocate full transparency of that process as we are representing your business. If you win, we win – and our ability to scale businesses quickly and effectively supports that approach.

Reporting and insights

Utilising your data, we provide live performance updates in-campaign as well as full post-campaign analysis against your business KPIs. All of our clients get full access to their own secure ARMalytics® dashboard (available on web and app) which displays a clear view over campaign delivery and performance, including live TV analytics at a top-line level, and detailed TV attribution reporting, in addition to competitor campaign tracking in your market.

We also leverage numerous industry planning tools such as YouGov Profiles, TGI, Nielsen, Techedge, SimilarWeb and Mosaic to generate strategic campaigns that focus on longer-term qualitative business goals, all in all creating a coherent and cohesive approach to TV planning and buying, and performance execution.

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