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Facebook ads: Changing from static to video

Facebook Video AdsThere is often an issue with advertisers, the creative agency and then the media agency on delivering a set of exciting creative on a regular basis. We have been tapping into Facebook’s creative shop for the past year which they offer to agencies – it enables us to take an advertiser’s static image and create several variations by simply adding different animations or changing the positioning of the original creative.

The creative shop has been a great asset to Facebook, but sometimes it was difficult to nail down a session with the team, due resources on their side. However recently, Facebook announced that its Creative Shop team had devised some new, simple methods for converting still images into video, to help businesses with less capacity to create video assets to maximise their Facebook ads performance. 

The 3 creative features which will now be available are:

  1. Video Creation Kit: Four templates which are optimised for specific business goals. Promote a product, sell multiple products, show product benefits and drive product discovery. All either 6-15 seconds.
  2. Video Cropping: Enables users to get videos to the right aspect ratios within the ad creation process. The process will make it easier to ensure your content works in the format

    you need, which could come in particularly handy when looking to utilise Stories.

  3. Simple Video Creation Tools: For advertisers creating ads directly from their business page, specifically on mobile, they can now utilise a new simple video creation tool which helps you quickly create templated videos from page assets such as photos and company logos. This tool provides an effective and easy way to create eye-catching video ads that look great on mobile, without major investment, in-house skills or additional assets.

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All Response Media viewpoint

This is an extremely exciting addition to the Facebook ads platform, enabling us to develop a larger suite of creatives for our clients with limited capability. This is a great addition as many studies have recently been published about the importance of video on social and how over 47% of people are watching more video on Facebook than they are on YouTube. Over the years of analysing creative in the social team, we have seen the importance of regularly refreshing creative and how it can exponentially improve performance. For one of our clients, refreshing creatives, we saw a 20% increase in orders and an 18% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA). This trend against refreshing creative correlates across most of our clients, thus the release of these capabilities in Facebook should only see improvements in client’s performance and expand their current suite of creative.