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How to improve organic visibility of a microsite

Incorporating an SEO strategy into your overall digital marketing plan will pay off in the long-term. This is because SEO activity can help your site rank for relevant and powerful terms in search engine results pages (SERPs). Investing in SEO also means that you will be able to raise the rankings of these terms and drive more traffic to your site, gaining potential customers and generating more sales.

At All Response Media, we have recently helped to uplift the organic visibility of one of our long-term client’s microsites, and are pleased to share the SEO tactics that were undertaken behind the scenes:

Understand your current organic performance
Before moving forwards and upwards, it is essential to understand where you currently stand. Looking at the current ranking terms is an efficient practice to determine where the opportunity hides. For example, you can determine the relevancy of your ranking terms, and understand if Google picks up the relevancy of the content that you put out there.

Through the ‘to-the-date performance review’, you can also find the low-hanging fruit – the position 6-11 ranking terms – and understand the area of focus and gaps in the current SEO strategy.

Improve your on-page tactics
The on-page SEO practice refers to re-implementing keyword targets in the existing copy, as well as looking into the HTML part of the site. The HTML re-editing usually involves reanalysing the alt tags (image sources), the first and second headings (H1s and H2s), and metadata. The on-page activity is usually undertaken on a page-by-page basis.

Every landing page of your site needs to serve a purpose. Enhancing a page’s relevancy will help both Google bots and humans to understand the whole meaning of your site’s existence. The on-page tactic can help to reorganise the page’s front and back-end and improve the site’s relevancy and consistency.

Have a planned-out content strategy in place
Having a thoughtful content strategy in place will help both users and Google bots understand if the site is relevant for their needs. In the case of Google bots, if the content is highly relevant, informative and consistent to what you offer, then Google will reward the site’s organic visibility and help it to rank for more and relevant terms. If users find your content relevant and informative, then they are more likely to purchase your products.

Content helps businesses to better explain the offerings and to productively communicate with the audiences. Having well-thought-out content also helps to demonstrate expertise in the field and establish yourself as an authoritative voice in the marketplace. Moreover, it is important to integrate SEO efforts into the content strategy and make sure that the business not only produces content but that it is well-targeted for the search bots.

In our case, the microsite served a specific purpose, which was for a one-off campaign. We still were able to reanalyse the existing content and propose topics to the new landing pages content. Our combined SEO and content strategy helped the microsite to gain new ranking keywords and rank on page 1. A higher number of ranking keywords means higher impressions reached:

From 0 to 2K Reach: Before and mid-term SEO activity’s total impression growth

seo chart

Source: Google Search Console | Before SEO Activity – Mid-term of SEO Activity

All Response Media viewpoint
Nowadays, it is important to be found in the search engine environment, and SEO activity can be applied to either your main site or your microsite to make sure that your customers can easily find you. Applying all the strategies mentioned above will help you to improve the overall visibility of your site and gain more organic traction, with the end results being higher reach and purchase rates.

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